With its internet banking service
BRD comes to meet your needs

Through BRD-Net, all over the world, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, you can access accounts opened at our bank, by simply using a computer connected to the Internet. BRD-Net allows you to:

  • Query the balance of predefined account
  • Consult the details of the operations performed in these accounts and search for a specific operation on the basis of criteria you establish yourselves;
  • Make intra and inter-bank transfers between your accounts or beneficiaries;
  • Pay bills to suppliers agreed by the bank and predefined in the application;
  • You have access to a centralised panel of monitoring of the transfers made through BRD-Net, as well as to a list of your beneficiaries;
  • You can create via BRD-Net:
    - Deposit 1000: term deposit in euro, with flat interest, guaranteed throughout the entire length of the deposit;
  • You can download / save a PDF document containing:
    - The list of transactions performed in the last 45 days, according to your criteria;
    - The details of the transfers initiated via BRD-Net;
  • Consult the range of services offered by BRD;
  • Change the password online, whenever you want;
  • Receive commercial messages;
  • Get used to the functions offered by this service by using the demo version;
  • You form an opinion about the service in general, with the help of the presentation provided to you in the present chapter;
  • Read the related FAQ.
  • Consult the legal specifications of the site;
  • Access the service utilization guide which will help you better understand BRD-Net.

In order to secure the use of this service, each subscriber has a unique user code and password. At the same time, to insure maximum security of your transactions, BRD has implemented the virtual keyboard and a 128-bit encryption system.

In addition to the above, for any payments made through BRD-Net, you benefit of a deduction of 50% of the standard commission charged for these operations.